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Valve insertion uses advanced technology to insert a valve directly into the pressurise operating pipeline, at tight spaces with reduced manpower, without system interruption or shutdown.

Alstern is your one-stop provider of innovative engineering solutions. Our valve insertion services are versatile and efficient, with seamless execution by our skilled technicians.

Our standards of safety and quality are high without compromise. We achieve these standards through strict compliance of safety and quality checks, enlisting the most skilled and qualified technicians, and most importantly – a collaborative approach with our clients.

With this client-focused approach, you can trust that we adapt to the specifications provided to get your job done properly. Every valve insertion job is different, and the Alstern team is always prepared to get it done with precision and skill.

Valve Insertion Services and More

If you have a question about valve insertion, project management or any of our engineering solutions, feel free to fill out an online enquiry form. Alternatively, you can call one of our branches in a location most suitable for you. Our team of professionals are here to help!




  1. Direct insertion of a valve on operating pressurise pipeline
  2. No system interruptions or shutdown required
  3. Less manpower required to insert a valve
  4. Compact design for tight spaces
  5. Higher efficiency and productivity
  6. Fast completion of maximum 8 hours for 24” valve
  7. Short onsite preparation and service time
  8. Restores pipe to service quickly
  9. Minimal cutting during servicing
  10. Lightweight valve prevents weakening of pipe integrity
  11. Reduction in time and resources required to locate the valve chamber


  1. Pipe material: Any pipe material
  2. Pipe diameter: 4” to 24”
  3. Pipe medium: Liquids
  4. Maximum operating pressure: 150 psi
  5. Maximum operating temperature: 300°C
  6. Underground and above-ground


  1. Underground and above-ground pipe
  2. Ideal for emergency works when valve is faulty or required to be inserted
  3. Suitable for delicate pipes
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