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Pipe freezing is a method which freezes the content of a section of a pipe (freeze pipe) by applying the cryogenic freezing agent in a controlled parameter. Once the targeted area is thoroughly frozen, termination or modification can be carried out without having to drain out the entire pipe content.

This technique has been used on pipelines of various industries and buildings, process plants and pipelines containing water based mediums.

At Alstern, we believe that innovation is key to keep society moving. Our pipe freezing services are proven to be highly effective. Products and services we provide are verified to be of top quality within their market, so you can count on our quality every time.

Our standards of safety and quality are high without compromise. We achieve these standards through strict compliance of safety and quality checks, enlisting the most skilled and qualified technicians, and most importantly – a collaborative approach with our clients which makes us a successful pipe freezing contractor.

If you have questions about our pipeline freeze plugs, project management or any of our engineering solutions, feel free to fill out an online enquiry form. Alternatively, you can call one of our branches in a location most suitable for you. Our team of professionals are here to help!



  1. It acts as a temporary plug to stop the flow for modification work
  2. Convenient - Do not require drainage of medium when freeze pipe
  3. Do not require system shutdown
  4. Reduction in system downtime
  5. Reduction in time and resources for modification require on the system
  6. No damage to disruption to pipe


  1. Pipe material: Suitable for carbon steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel, ductile and cast iron
  2. Pipe diameter: Up to 48”
  3. Pipe medium: Suitable for various water based medium
  4. Maximum operating pressure: 5,000 psi
  5. Maximum operating temperature: ±80°C
  6. Reliable – more than 15 years’ experience as pipe freezing contractor providing pipe freezing services in various industries regionally
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