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Hot tap / Cold tap is a method of employing an under-pressured drilling machine to provide a branch off pipeline from existing main pipe. This is done via a coring process on the existing operating pipeline without any interruptions to the flow of medium and system.

Cold tap is used for system that carry flammable medium. Cold tap prevents ignition, especially fuel line..

Hot tapping / Cold tapping pipeline services are also the first procedure in mechanical and inflatable pipeline stops, where the opening on the pipe(coring pipe)allows line stop plug head (mechanical or inflatable) to be inserted.

All processes offered by Alstern such as hot tapping/cold tapping pipeline services, mechanical & inflatable pipeline stop and more are executed with skill and precision by our highly qualified engineers & pipeline specialists in Singapore and across the Asia Pacific. With our collaborative approach, we’ll ensure that your job is carried to your exact specifications and requirements. Our standards of quality and craftsmanship are renowned, so when you work with us, you can count on a great job every time.

Pipe Coring in Singapore and Beyond

If you have a question about steam pipe leak repair, cold tapping pipelines or anything within our range of engineering solutions, feel free to fill out an online enquiry form. Alternatively, you can call one of our branches in a location most suitable for you. Our team of professionals are here to help!



  1. Branch off a new pipeline without affecting the pressurise operating system
  2. Convenient- Do not required draining of entire pipeline content to branch off
  3. Downstream interruption is avoided
  4. No disruption to system operation
  5. Cost-effective


  1. Carbon steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel, ductile and cast iron
  2. Pipe diameter: Up to 48”
  3. Pipe medium: Water, oil based solvent, gas, steam, wastewater and fuel (Cold-Tap)
  4. Maximum operating pressure: 1,440 psi
  5. Maximum operating temperature: 300°C
  6. Reliable- over a decade of experience in hot tapping services for clients in various industries across the regions.
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