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  • Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC)

    • • EPC Contractor
      Our strength to design-and-build in Mechanical and Electrical systems allow us to customise systems that fit our customers’ requirements. Our customers receive maximum return for project investments as we take an active role in the pre-construction activities and off-site fabrication to minimise on-site materials and human resources wastage. This is one of the steps we have taken to move towards our green engineering vision of zero carbon footprint.

      • Industrial Engineering

      We provide solutions to industrial (Oil & Gas, Marine, Manufacturing plant, Semiconductor, Commercial, etc.,) needs specializing in Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) services.

      Our in-house resources allow us to design mechanical and electrical systems that enable buildings and facilities to operate at peak efficiency. Our drive to offer creative and effective energy solutions has earned us the confidence of customers in many industries. Our professional team utilise the latest industrial engineering technologies with the high specification for the toughest conditions and ensure that every project is completed on schedule, with quality and safety for everyone.

      • Complex Engineering

      We have extensive experience with diverse methods of complex engineering technologies for mechanical online (live-operating) pipe modification. These methods of modification have been widely adopted in many industrial engineering and commercial facilities.

      • Heavy Industrial pipeline services
      • Cold cut or Cold/Hot Tap system on ignite pipeline
      • 24/7 active leak repair services for water and gas pipeline
      • Line stop services on a live operating system
      • Large sizes freezing on pipeline
      • Direct valve insertion on a live operating system without system interruption
      • High and low pressuresteam/hot/cold system


    • Turnkey project solutions including engineering design, supply, installation, testing & commissioning of MVAC systems and cold room systems complying with regulations and requirements
    • Design and construction of electrical system
    • Design, fabrication and installation of ducting system and thermal insulation
    • Equipment supply, installation, testing & commissioning
    • Trouble-shooting, service and maintenance of air-conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation system
    • Design and construction plumbing and sanitary system

    M&E Contractor

    We provide Mechanically, Electrical, Plumbing and Sanitary (MEPL) and Cold Room Turnkey project solutions to new build or Additional and Alteration projects; encompassing design and value engineering services complying with authority regulations, requirements and qualified endorsement.

    The total package solutions come with equipment supply, installation, testing & commissioning by our in-house engineers.

    Our services include engineering, procurement and construction with more than 15 years of trade references and achieving safety award of Biz safe Star which makes us a successful M&E Contractor. We have completed projects for Underground Tunnel(60m), MRT stations, Semi-Conductor or Industrial plants, Commercial buildings and Hotels.

    After project completion, we provide a qualified facility management team to continue the maintenance of the system installed. Delivering all promises to our clients with the highest quality of services.

    ACMV Contractor

    We have more than 15 years of experience as an ACMV Contractor, providing total-package solutions of Air-Conditioning, Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) to new build or Additional and Alteration projects. The projects come with green mark analysis or certification required by the authorities. We believe in utilizing the least resources to produce the highest quality and therefore in all the projects we have completed, we provide valuing engineering study on the ACMV system come with a re-evaluation of the sub-system of equipment, duct, electrical panel and pipe which is not provided by other ACMV Contractor.


    We recognise the increase demand for trustworthy partnership and quality assured maintenance services in the industries. With the rising cost, we believe that best practices and regular facility maintenance are vital to upkeep the assets of our partners in order to reduce the operating cost in the future. Our team are proficient with the best practices in the industry and adopting cutting edge technologies to provide efficient and productive asset management services.

    We provide professional facility maintenance and asset management to our partners. Our services includes Space & Infrastructure planning, design and construction, together with Mechanical and Electrical engineering services.


    • Property & Asset Management
    • Project & Development Services
    • HVAC / ACMV Engineering Services
    • Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Services
    • Specialised Pipeline Solutions

    Industry we serve:

    • Retail
    • Industrial
    • Commercial
    • Schools & Institutes



    Cooling tower refurbishment is an excellent and cost-effective solution that extends the life, performance and efficiency of existing cooling tower without built a new one.

    Our team are proficient with the best practices in the industry and adopting cutting edge technologies to provide detailed planning for cooling tower refurbishment with clear scope of work, pre- and post-testing, safety, careful selection of material, experienced inspection and planning for future maintenance.

    We reconstruct and deliver cooling towers successfully with returns in cooling capacity, structural integrity and longevity of the cooling tower.


    Cooling tower refurbishment process begins with pre-inspection of Cooling Tower system which find its age, capacity, physical deterioration and performance. A performance test prior to refurbishment gives a starting point to establish goals for capacity improvement as well as reference point for evaluating the results.


    • Replacement of infill
    • Steel structure refurbishment by sanding and grinding process
    • Corroded parts replacement
    • Cold water basin surface repair work by sanding and grinding process
    • Structure fiberglass layer, lamination and painting work
    • Cold water basin water proofing
    • Hot water basin and its hardware, cover replacement
    • Remove and replace new spiral target crossflow nozzles
    • Replace FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced panel)
    • Overhauling Gear Reducer with necessary parts replacement
    • Carry out motor alignment after overhaul c/w necessary testing and commissioning
    • Replace faulty the inlet and outlet valve with new set c/w necessary testing and commissioning
    • To make good of the corroded perimeter handrail c/w painting
    • Replace the internal walking platform and handrail
    • Replace the electrical cable containments within the cooling tower
    • Repaint the inlet and outlet condenser water pipeline
    • Post inspection in all the requires parameters
    • Testing and commissioning


    • Process design calculations
    • Process design specifications
    • Hazard & operational studies
    • Wet & dry scrubbers
    • Waste water treatment systems


    We provide our customers with customized and professionally designed solutions for fire services.

    • Passive fire protection
    • Design and installation of fire protection system in-line with regulations and requirements


    • Civil & structural engineering
    • Concrete and steel structures
    • General building work


    We offer sheet metal fabrication, installation and project management; in addition to hot, cold and acoustic applications, cryogenic applications, storage vessels, protective cladding and removable jacketing.


    The Multi-Trade Prefabrication process allows multiple building components to be constructed in an offsite, temperature-controlled environment simultaneously with the building structure and site work. Projects with complex but repetitive elements, such as vertical and horizontal mechanical/electrical/plumbing (MEP) systems, patient rooms, bathrooms, clinical spaces and building envelope systems, are extremely well-suited for multi-trade offsite prefabrication.

    • Fast & efficient off-site modular fabrication with bim modeling software
    • Reduce on-site construction time
    • Improved coordination among building series
    • Reduce overall project man hours required

    • Reduce wastage of materials

    Top Building Sectors for Prefabrication/ Modularization Opportunity:

    • Healthcare Facilities

    • Hotel

    • High-Rise Office

    Using Prefabrication/ Modularization:

    • MEP Building Systems (Horizontal / Vertical)

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