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ALS-Tech Corp is a Singapore complex engineering solutions company founded in 2004 which chase the vision of creating a Zero Carbon Footprint Engineering Firm. The company is sought-after by clients with challenging and risky projects that require a high degree of engineering skills and technology. The company has branch offices in Hong Kong and Myanmar along with strategic partners in Middle East and Asia and employs around 100 people.

In order to realise our vision and create the future that we envisage, we focus resolutely on our mission every day. Our mission is defined by the 3P; Product, Process, People.

In all that we do, we are guided by our 3 most important brand Values; Challenger, Collaborator, Catalyser.

We are confident of our quality and innovation that our value proposition meaning the No.1 benefit that we bring to our clients’ is We Solve Complex Engineering Challenges. All Day. Every Day.

That is the key reason we have been successful in this hyper-competitive and unforgiving industry. We have also walked 2 miles in our customers’ shoes and we know that the biggest problem that customers in the Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) sector faces which is something we call The Broken Promise.

Due to the complexity of the industry; as well as the inconsistent quality of products and competency levels; customers often experience non-delivery of what they were promised. We are here to fight The Broken Promise because we know what it’s like to be on the receiving end.

We fight the ‘’Broken Promises”

Work with us as we strive to create a zero-carbon footprint engineering environment.


“Zero Carbon Footprint Engineering”


We develop proprietary eco-friendly pipeline products and solutions that deliver the best performance for the price.

We integrate industry best practices into every aspect of daily operations to ensure we deliver what we promise customers.

We attract, inspire and train people and partners who are passionate about “Zero Carbon Footprint Engineering”.


We challenge the status quo every day in what we do by asking ourselves and our colleagues and partners,
“How can we do this differently to get better results?”

We collaborate with our colleagues, clients and partners to generate and implement new ideas that allow us to add value to all the stakeholders that we serve – inside and out.

We are the catalyst for change within our circle of influence, encouraging people in our circle to support vision of a Zero Carbon Footprint Engineering company.

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